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Unveiling De Corematrix: Pinnacle in Dental Zirconia Blocks

Dental prosthetics have reached new heights with the advent of De Corematrix, a specialized zirconia block manufacturer dedicated to delivering durable and authentic dental zirconia blocks. Among its stellar lineup, the De Corematrix®HT stands out as a beacon of super transparency and high strength, setting a benchmark in dental innovation. Likewise, the De Corematrix®ST emerges as a stalwart, combining strength and style for enduring dental prostheses.

De Corematrix®HT: A Symphony of Transparency and Strength

At the forefront of De Corematrix’s offerings is the De Corematrix®HT, a zirconia block that redefines expectations. Boasting super transparency and high strength, this block is tailored for excellence in dental prostheses. With a light transmittance of approximately 43% and a bending strength exceeding 1200MPa, it stands as a testament to the commitment of De Corematrix to provide cutting-edge solutions for dental professionals.

The Resilient Elegance of De Corematrix®ST

In the realm of zirconia dental bridge restorations, the De Corematrix®ST blocks shine with distinction. Crafted from translucent zirconia, these pre-shaded blocks strike the perfect balance between high strength and super transparency. Designed for creating bridges with more than 3-units, they offer a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution. With external and internal shade options in VITA 16 and 26 colors, De Corematrix®ST ensures a customized and enduring dental experience.

Conclusion: Elevating Dental Excellence with De Corematrix

In conclusion, De Corematrix stands as a trailblazer in the realm of dental zirconia blocks. Their commitment to excellence is evident in each product, with the De Corematrix®HT and De Corematrix®ST leading the charge in transparency, strength, and enduring style. As dental technology continues to evolve, De Corematrix remains at the forefront, empowering dental professionals to create prosthetics that marry durability with aesthetic appeal.

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