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Funingpu – Your Reliable Edible Gelatin Supplier

Funingpu has earned a reputation as a reliable gelatin supplier, not only in the food industry but also in the pharmaceutical sector. With over 30 years of experience and a strong R&D team, Funingpu is committed to providing high-quality gelatin products and trustworthy application solutions. As an edible gelatin supplier, Funingpu emphasizes quality, honesty, and collaboration, ensuring safe and stable gelatin products for pharmaceutical formulations.

Funingpu - Your Reliable Edible Gelatin Supplier

High Standards

Funingpu is aware of the strict specifications that the industry has set, and the company makes sure that their gelatin products are up to par with these needs. It is able to demonstrate its attention to the stringent compliance with quality and safety laws by maintaining a quality management system that is flawless and obtaining certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO22000 & FSSC22000, and GMP.

Quality Control and Traceability

As a trusted edible gelatin supplier, Funingpu ensures the highest level of quality control and traceability. From the careful selection of raw materials to the strict control of every step in the production process, Funingpu maintains a comprehensive quality management system and food safety management system. Funingpu offers its customers with the confidence and assurance they require in the continuously excellent quality of their gelatin by tracking raw ingredients and process conditions for each batch of products.


When it comes to sourcing edible gelatin, Funingpu emerges as a reliable and trusted supplier. With their focus on quality, compliance, and traceability, Funingpu offers high-quality gelatin products that meet the stringent standards of the industry.

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