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ESD Acoustic: A Hi-End Audio Market Leader

In China’s dynamic Hi-end audio market, ESD Acoustic emerges as a trailblazing force, renowned for its unparalleled capabilities in research, production, and marketing. As a certified National Hi-tech Enterprise, the brand disrupts foreign monopolies with groundbreaking technologies and achievements, firmly establishing itself among professional speaker brands.

Breaking Monopolies and Setting Standards

ESD Acoustic’s innovative prowess garners acclaim at prestigious audio exhibitions globally. Notably, it clinched the esteemed title of “Best in Show” at both the New York Audio Show 2018 and Munich Hi End Show 2019, endorsed by industry-leading publications like Stereophile and Audiophile. These accolades not only highlight the brand’s commitment to excellence but also set new standards in the competitive landscape of professional speaker brands.

Renowned Patrons and Collaborations

With luminaries like Jack Ma and Ji Hui Li among its patrons, ESD Acoustic solidifies its position as a premier player in the realm of professional speaker brands. Collaborative endeavors with influential figures like Xiaopei Li of CCTV underscore its commitment to innovation and excellence. Such partnerships not only enhance the brand’s reputation but also pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in audio technology.

Inspiring Resilience and Achieving Heights

Laureus World Sports Awards winner Boyu Xia serves as ESD Acoustic’s Spokesman, embodying its ethos of resilience and determination. His extraordinary feat of conquering Everest with artificial legs symbolizes the brand’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, resonating with enthusiasts globally. Through his inspiring journey, ESD Acoustic inspires individuals to push boundaries and reach new heights of achievement.


ESD Acoustic stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in China’s Hi-end audio industry. With a steadfast dedication to pushing boundaries and setting new standards, it continues to inspire enthusiasts and solidify its position among professional speaker brands worldwide. As it continues on its journey of innovation, ESD Acoustic remains poised to shape the future of the Hi-end audio market.

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