Don’t Mesh Around with Dresses

The choices can seem endless when it comes to dresses. From the material to the design, the colour, or who designed it. I have a headache just thinking about it. Never fear, as mesh dresses are gaining popularity, and with good reason, I’ll have you know. Some of the advantages are here for you to comb over:


  • Stretch-Ability – Most people like a little bit of ‘give’ in their clothing, and if you’ve just had a big dinner, maybe even more so! A good mesh dress offers a little bit of stretch, so you can feel comfortable and confident, allowing for a different range of motion.
  • Lightweight – Mesh dresses are usually lightweight, so that means you can move freely and be more comfortable. If you enjoy dancing the night away, a mesh dress will suit you down to the ground.

Style Versatility

  • Fashion Statement – Just the look alone of mesh fabric strikes a chord with people, and creates a bold and stylish statement when worn. It is also looked upon as being both edgy and elegant, giving a great balance when used in both casual and formal occasions.
  • Layering – Basically meaning that mesh dresses can be worn over other outfits. This in turn, adds a different style and sense of fashion to the outfit being worn, so that means they can work nicely alongside things such as bodysuits, slips, or lingerie, giving you the ability to really be creative with your look and style.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Body Highlighting – If you are looking for something that is flattering in how it shows of your body’s silhouette, but want something that is not overly revealing at the same time, mesh dresses do a fantastic job at accomplishing just the right balance of both.
  • Sheerness and Texture – The look of the mesh fabric is unique, and unlike anything else out there. It has a quality to it that can add a really sophisticated look to an outfit, while being alluring at the same time.


  • Durability – If you are the type that doesn’t need to change your outfit after only wearing it a couple of times, mesh dresses are the way to go! They can actually be very durable and surprisingly resistant to wear and tear. So, it’s practical while also having you look the part.
  • Moisture-Wicking – No one likes to be at a social event, feeling a little hot under the collar with that sinking feeling of starting to sweat. Many of today’s mesh fabrics can actually help keep the skin dry by drawing that dreaded sweat away from the body, keeping you feeling fresh and not at all concerned with any sweat marks appearing during that fancy dinner you’ve attended.

Why not give mesh a try? The advantages are clear to see, and there are many to consider. From practicality to just looking and feeling absolutely great, you won’t regret the choice once you have made it.

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