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Discovering benco: Quality Mobile Phones

When it comes to reliable and high-quality mobile phones, benco is a name that stands out. As a global brand under INONE Technology, benco has been providing consumers around the world with top-notch products and services for over a decade.

The Legacy of benco

With a history spanning more than 10 years, benco has established itself as a trusted player in the mobile phone industry. Their commitment to quality and durability has garnered them a dedicated user base of over 60 million passionate customers since 2009.

Exploring benco’s Product Range

Smart Phones for Every Lifestyle:

benco offers a diverse range of smartphones tailored to meet the demands of modern consumers. From the sleek and powerful benco V91 to the stylish and feature-rich benco S1 Pro, there’s a benco smartphone for everyone.

Feature Phones with a Twist:

For those seeking simplicity without compromising on functionality, benco’s feature phones deliver. With intuitive interfaces and reliable performance, they cater to a wide audience.

Seamless Service Experience

Find a Store Near You:

benco’s national network of stores invites you to experience their products firsthand. Find a location near you for a hands-on encounter.

Service Inquiry Made Easy:

Got a question or need assistance? benco’s service inquiry option allows you to find the answers you’re looking for, either by service category or using your IMEI number.

Service Outlets at Your Convenience:

Rest easy knowing that benco’s service outlets are conveniently located around you. No matter where you are, help is never far away.


Choosing benco means choosing a brand that prioritizes reliability, quality, and an enjoyable user experience. With a wide range of products and a robust service network, benco is more than just a mobile brand; it’s a partner in your connected journey.

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