What is the way to fight? How to recognize whether a chicken can fight

Fighting cocks always possess extremely good fighting styles. Because of that, they are always welcomed in the market or in matches. Each chicken has its own strengths and playing style, such as: Lien Hoang kick, vertical, side, cock fighting position, etc. This article Daga88 mobi will give you more information. skillgamechicken is getting a lot of attention, that’s the way to fight. So what is the stone fighting style? There are ways to identify cockfighting cocks, please follow the information below.

What is the stone way?

This may be one of the most appreciated playing styles by cockers today among the top direct attacks on the opponent. The harsh fighting techniques used by the roosters in matches cause pain to the opponent, causing them to be defeated in an instant. In addition, when using this position, the chicken is also equipped with iron spurs and knives, the danger will increase many times.

For this technique, you will see that the chicken often focuses on the position of the opponent’s kite, neck and throat. Surely with such dangerous positions, opponents will die immediately if they are hit.

Learn about stone fighting

Let’s learn how to recognize these fighting cocks, discover their amazing fighting moves and how to raise chickens professionally to maximize their advantages.

How to identify if a chicken has a fighting style

To be able to identify cockfighting styles, cockers need to know the following characteristics.

First, the fighting style of a rooster is usually a standing fighting style, the chicken is ready to attack immediately after entering the fighting floor. Usually, fighting cocks can attack their opponents faster and more cleverly. In addition, when fighting, roosters can have characteristic movements and gestures, such as shaking their heads, turning their bodies, breaking punches, and catching the ball extremely quickly.

The next telltale sign is that this type of fighting cock is often very uncomfortable, and can sometimes get angry when he cannot win against his opponent. However, to recognize them, cockfighters need to have experience and knowledge about fighting cocks. You should consult people with experience in raising and playing with chickens for advice and support.

Extremely good fighting moves of a fighting cock

Chickens with aggressive fighting styles often have positions to knock out opponents quickly. Kicking into the head position is one of the most dangerous positions. When hitting this position, the chicken will have difficulty breathing, turn purple and immediately collapse on the fighting floor. It’s bad luck for your opponent if they encounter a cockfight with a rough fighting style.

As for kicking, when attacking the neck, the opponent can be at risk of breaking their neck, completely losing the ability to compete, which can be called permanent. If there is no counter to this style of play, it is likely that the percentage of their opponents losing will be very high.
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The way to raise chickens is to fight

To optimize their talents, cockers need to:

  • Determine your cock’s current fighting style and see if there are any areas that need improvement.
  • Practice every day, practice fighting cocks regularly for 10 to 15 minutes a day. Exercise helps improve health, increase leg strength and help improve kicking skills.
  • Use hand stimulation to help chickens grasp fighting skills.
  • Just controlling your hand to make the chicken attack the opponent is a tempo large enough to improve the chicken’s fighting skills.
  • Apply fighting techniques, let the chickens learn many different techniques to help them fight harder and create diverse blows.
  • The cocker should focus on the chicken’s legs and movements, observe whether the chicken’s legs are strong enough to fight, and perform exercises to help improve the chicken’s leg strength.
  • Taking care of chickens, farmers need to ensure the chickens have a healthy diet and lifestyle to increase their health, energy and thinking.

In addition to the above notes, cockmasters must also pay attention not to force their cocks too much when exercising too much. If the fighting chickens are showing signs of fatigue, let them rest and adjust. In addition, periodic vaccinations must be given to avoid minor diseases. Ensure their safety when exercising, avoid injury or conflict.

Newly purchased fighting chickens should be kept in separate cages and not let them see other chickens. Finally, cockers should always take care of them with a healthy diet and lifestyle to ensure the health and condition of the chickens before the tournament.


Hopefully after reading this article, you can grasp some general information about the fighting style as well as how to recognize and nurture them. Follow Daga88 website to know more good cockfighting positions. Wishing the cockfighters good luck in owning their own strong fighting cocks, bringing home a lot of bets.

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