Styles of Salwar Kameez – Which Style Is Best?

There are many salwar kameez styles on the market. We will show you how to choose the right salwar kameez design.


There are many salwar kameez styles on the market. This can cause confusion when you shop. You don’t need to be familiar with every style. It is enough to be familiar with a few styles that will suit your body and make you stand out. The salwar kameez is a basic salwar kameez that consists of a salwar, tunic and dupatta. You will be tempted to shop for the latest salwar suits if you are familiar with them. These latest styles will make you stylish for any occasion. Continue reading to find out more.

Salwar Kameez Types

These are some of the most popular salwar kameez styles that you can find today on the market:

Anarkali Style Suit

Anarkali-style salwar suits are not new. This style has been around for many years, but it has been improved by fashion designers. This style has a long, flared kurta. You will appear more elegant if your outfit is more flared. You can have a kurta of any length, but the one that touches the ankle is the best. You can either embroider or add minimal decoration to your kurta. The bottom is very slim and features minimal decoration. This salwar kameez can be worn for weddings or other events. It is even popular with brides.

Straight-Cut Salwar Suit

This salwar suit is one of the most sought-after in fashion. This style has a long, straight-cut kurta that is paired with a matching churidar bottom. A printed dupatta is required if the salwar suit has minimal details. A plain or minimally decorated dupatta is used if the suit has a lot of embroideries. This style can be worn to work, wedding, festivals, pre-weddings, and other occasions.

Dhoti Style Salwar Suit

You can look young and modern in a dhoti-style salwar suit. This style has short Kurtis that reach the knee or higher. The dhoti-style bottom has a loose fit at the upper leg and taper towards the hemline. This salwar kameez is ideal for young women and adults who wish to appear youthful.

Punjabi Salwar Suit

The Punjabi salwar suit, a traditional style of salwar suit, has been updated to be more fashionable. This style consists of a Patiala salwar and a short kurta. A plain or embroidered dupatta can be paired with this outfit. This style is great for displaying statement necklaces and hanging earrings.

Palazzo Style Suit

The fashion industry has been dominated by Palazzo pants. These pants can be worn with many blouses and tops including tanks. Palazzo-style salwar suits have loose, wide legs and flare out at the waist. A palazzo pant is accompanied by a straight-cut or plain kurta. This style is great for festivals and parties.

Jacket Style Salwar Suit

A jacket-style salwar suit is a great option if you are looking for a unique style. This style includes a stylish jacket and a sleeveless Kurta. The jacket can be made from net, chiffon or any other fabric. The jacket should be decorated or embossed if it is plain. You can wear a churidar or normal salwar at the bottom. You may not need a dupatta if you opt for this style.

Cape Style Salwar Suit

Capes are a great alternative to jackets when wore Indian salwar kameez . Many cape-style salwar suits are now available on the market. They are very elegant and popular with women. An Anarkali suit can be purchased with an overlaying cape in an ankle-length. A cape can be added to a sleeveless Kurtis.

Sharara Style Salwar Suit

The fashion industry has seen a huge revival in Sharara pants. You can now find sharara bottoms in salwar suits. Shaara bottoms are fitted from the waist down at the upper leg and flared below the knee. All you need is the right fabric and color to make your party stand out.

These are other salwar kameez styles:Banarasi salwar suits

Suit in Afghani style

Anarkali double-layered suit

Salwar suit in asymmetrical design

Pakistani-style salwar suit

Pant-style salwar suit

Front slip salwar suit, and many more

What is the Best Salwar Suit Style for Women?

We don’t know the answer so this is a difficult question. We can tell you that many of these styles can be stylish and modern and are very fashionable. We can only recommend that you choose a salwar kameez style to match your body type. An Anarkali-style salwar suit is a good choice for someone with an hourglass figure.

You should also be cautious when choosing colors. You may not look your best if you choose the wrong colors. Fabric is another important aspect to consider to make sure you stand out in some of the salwar-kameez styles. Bad fabric selection is a huge mistake when it comes to choosing salwar kameez. You will look stunning in a salwar kameez that fits you well, regardless of its style. You will look awkward if the jacket or palazzo suit you are wearing doesn’t fit properly.

Final Words

You don’t need to have traditional Punjabi salwar suits. It is time for you to upgrade your salwar kameez collection. There are many salwar kameez styles on the market, as you can see. It is easy to find the right fit for you by visiting different shops. You should know that certain styles are best suited for special occasions like weddings, parties, or festivals. You will find the right style for you if you take your time when shopping.

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