Odds Rate – Distinguishing different types of odds when playing sports

Odds Rate is a basic concept that every bettor must know when betting on soccer. Depending on the type of bet, there will be different forms of betting. But for new players, this concept still seems a bit new, so you can’t ignore the content that 6789BET is about to share below.

What is the Odds rate?

Odds, Odds rate are the odds offered by the bookmaker, they exist in many different formats. It may be the exchange rate to pay when the bettor wins a certain bet. With diverse odds formats, when playing, you can choose the format that you feel is suitable to bet.

Talking about Odds sounds simple, but being able to win when betting on Odds is not that simple. Everyone must rely entirely on their own experience and knowledge to judge and give the final betting results.

At the same time, Odds rates also have diverse types. Sometimes it’s the number representing the match, sometimes it’s the probability of winning or losing. In betting to predict the outcome in a match, the Odds rate here serves as the probability of how the predicted event may occur. Odds are expressed as decimals or fractions. And most of the updated odds tables are in decimal numbers. Those who are familiar with betting will know how to immediately read the odds, and will also quickly recognize the Odds ratio with many fluctuating numbers.

Odds ratio in soccer

As you all know, soccer betting is an important form of entertainment for many people. Nowadays, you can also participate in online betting without any problems. Therefore, every football match takes place, in addition to the crowded audience, the number of participants is also extremely large.

The updated Odds ratio will help you calculate your bet level as well as your ability to pay. The odds offered by the bookmaker are at different levels. You should consider your situation and then place your bet.

And when you understand the term Odds ratio, betting will no longer be difficult. For example, the betting odds updated by reputable bookmakers will show you the trend of the match. Combined with the information you have learned, you can completely confidently place bets and earn money.

Odds ratios are common in soccer betting

And to be able to grasp more specifically the Odds ratio, you must know the types of odds and how to distinguish them when participating in soccer bets. No matter which reputable bookmaker you join, these units will all support odds such as DEC, US, IND, MY, HK…

Odds Malay – MY Odds

This odds ratio will display both your bets and winnings. So the format of this type of odds can be a negative or positive number. When you want to calculate money by positive numbers, just apply the formula:

Return = Bet amount + (Bet amount x Malay Odds). If you lose, everyone will lose all the money they bet.

In case of calculating money by negative numbers, you apply the following formula:

Return = (Bet amount x Malay Odds) + (Bet amount X 1.00) when winning a bet. If you lose, the alternative formula is: Return = Bet + (Bet X Malay Odds).

Odds Indo – Indo Odds

With the Indo Odds rate, it will be calculated from the Hong Kong Odds rate. In case Hong Kong Odds is greater than 1.00, Indo Odds will be set the same as HK Odds. The formula for calculating Indo Odds is also divided into Malay Odds, divided into positive and negative numbers.

When calculating by positive numbers, and the bet wins, the formula is:

Return = Bet + (Bet X Odds). If the bet loses, you will lose the entire bet amount.

When calculating money by negative numbers and winning bets, apply the formula:

For negative numbers: if you win, you will use the formula Return = Bet + (Bet / Odds). In case you bet and lose, apply another formula: Money deducted = Bet amount X Odds.

Odds Hong Kong – HK Odds

Hong Kong Odds are based on European Odds. However, the display is more different. Odds Hong Kong rates only include player winnings. The format of Hong Kong Odds has a value greater than 0.00.

The winning amount is calculated using a formula Return = Bet + (bet x Odds Hong Kong).

US Odds – US Odds

The US Odds ratio will be based on the Hong Kong odds to calculate as follows: If the Hong Kong odds ratio is less than 1.00, the US odds ratio will be calculated according to the formula  -1/Hong Kong odds = -1/0.78 = -1.28if the Odd ratio is 0.78 < 1.00.

In a match, there will be 3 main Odds stages:

  • Phase 1 is Open odds
  • Stage 2 is Live Odd
  • Phase 3 is Running Odd

European Odds – Decimal Odds

The European Odds rate has the following basic characteristics: The player’s bets and winnings at the house will be displayed at the European Odds rate. This ratio is always greater than 1.00.

Winnings will be calculated according to the formula: Money earned = bet amount x European Odds ratio. European Odds rates will be applied to bets such as 1×2, exact score, cross bets, etc.

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Popular types of soccer bets are based on Odds ratio

The following are popular types of soccer bets that are often loved by players:

European Odds

European odds are also known as 1X2 odds, this is an extremely simple type of bet that many people are interested in. Players only need to bet on 3 main bets: Win – Draw – Lose

It will stipulate:

  • 1: Bet on the home team to win
  • X: Bet on two teams drawing
  • 2: Bet on the away team to win


Also known as handicap or Asian handicap. This bet is offered by bookmakers when they see too much difference in performance between two teams in a certain football match.

Asian handicap includes types of bets and betting methods such as:

  • Ball Handicap (0): With this type of bet, you choose team A, if team A wins, you will win money. If there is a draw, the bet will be returned. If team A loses, you will have to lose your bet
  • Half bet (0/0.5): Team A wins with a difference of 1 goal, then team A will be able to bet. If there is a draw, team A wins half the money, if you bet on team B you will lose half the money
  • Half-left handicap (0.5): Team A wins with a difference of 1 goal, then betting on team A will win full money. In a tie, team A will lose half the money, team B will get the full money
  • Odds 0.5/1: If team A wins with a difference of 1 goal, A will win half the money. In a tie, team A will lose half the money. If A wins both goals by a difference, side A will win the entire bet

Over/Under Betting

The bookmaker will offer this type of odds based on the prediction of the total score in a specific match. Players just need to choose for themselves a rate that best suits their predictions. This is the type of bet that many people choose when playing soccer betting This is quite simple, mainly based on performance and will analyze the confrontation between the two teams.

Above are the summaries of Odds rates and football odds based on Odds. This is all basic and important knowledge for football players. If you don’t know yet, please find out quickly, I hope you will have valuable hours of entertainment.

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