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Innovation in Synthesis: Tsingke’s DNA Oligos Leading the Way in Molecular Biology

DNA oligos, crucial components in molecular biology, serve diverse purposes ranging from PCR amplification to gene expression analysis. Tsingke‘s DNA oligos, synthesized using cutting-edge technology, ensure high purity and accuracy, catering to the needs of scientific research and R&D production across various sectors.

Unveiling Tsingke’s DNA Oligos: Precision and Purity Guaranteed

At Tsingke, they understand the significance of precision and purity in DNA oligos. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and stringent quality assurance measures, they ensure that each DNA oligo synthesized meets the highest standards of quality. Meticulous monitoring and control during synthesis guarantee 100% sequence accuracy, providing researchers with reliable tools for their molecular biology experiments.

Custom Solutions for Molecular Research Needs

Tsingke’s DNA oligos offer versatility and customization to meet the diverse needs of scientific research. With over 200 chemical modifications available, researchers have the flexibility to tailor DNA oligos to their specific requirements. Additionally, Tsingke’s large-scale synthesis capabilities ensure flexible specifications and delivery options, ranging from micrograms to kilograms, catering to projects of varying scales.

Advantages of Tsingke’s DNA Oligos

Various QC Methods: Tsingke employs a range of quality control methods, including 100% mass spectrometry analysis with additional detection options, ensuring the integrity of each DNA oligo.

Various Modification Types: With over 200 chemical modifications available, researchers have the freedom to select modifications that suit their experimental needs.


In conclusion, Tsingke’s DNA oligos offer researchers precision, purity, and performance for their molecular biology experiments. With cutting-edge synthesis technology, stringent quality control measures, and customizable options, Tsingke empowers researchers across universities, research institutes, hospitals, government agencies, and pharmaceutical diagnostic companies to advance their scientific endeavors with confidence. Join Tsingke in unlocking the potential of DNA oligos for transformative discoveries in molecular biology.

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