How Kams Designer Zone Turned Their Passion into a Profession

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful interior designer? How do you transform your passion for creating beautiful spaces into a profitable business? How do you balance your artistic vision with your clients’ needs and preferences? If you are curious about these questions, then you might want to learn from the story of Kams Designer Zone, one of the leading interior designers in Pune. 

Kams Designer Zone was founded by Kamal Joshi and Meenakshi Joshi, a dynamic duo who share a love for interior design. They started their journey in 2007, when they decided to quit their corporate jobs and pursue their dream of becoming interior designers. They had no formal training or experience in the field, but they had a lot of passion, creativity, and determination. They learned everything they could from books, magazines, online courses, and mentors. They also invested in the latest tools and technologies to enhance their skills and services. 

Today, Kams Designer Zone has grown into a reputed and trusted name in the interior design industry. They have completed over 5000 projects, ranging from residential to commercial, from traditional to modern, from small to large. They have a team of 25 experts, including architects, engineers, designers, and craftsmen, who work together to deliver high-quality and customized solutions to their clients. They have also won several awards and accolades for their excellence and innovation. 

What makes Kams Designer Zone stand out from the crowd is their unique design model, which they call the “Kams Design Process”. This is a systematic and holistic approach that involves four steps: consultation, design, execution, and handover. In the consultation phase, they understand the client’s requirements, budget, and preferences. In the design phase, they create a 3D model of the proposed space, using advanced software and techniques. In the execution phase, they supervise and coordinate

the entire project, ensuring timely completion and quality control. In the handover phase, they deliver the final product to the client, along with a warranty and maintenance service. 

Kams Designer Zone believes that interior design is not just about aesthetics, but also about functionality, comfort, and happiness. They aim to create spaces that reflect the personality, lifestyle, and aspirations of their clients. They also strive to incorporate elements of nature, culture, and art into their designs, to create a harmonious and positive environment. They are always open to new ideas, trends, and challenges, and they constantly update their knowledge and skills to meet the changing needs and expectations of their clients. 

If you are looking for a professional and reliable interior design firm in Pune, then you should definitely consider Kams Designer Zone. They have the experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to transform your space into your dream home or office. 

You can contact them at 02071177198, visit their office at Shop No. 6, ARUN PARK, S.No.33/3, near, Aditya Birla Hospital Marg, Datta Nagar, Thergaon, PUNE, Maharashtra 411033, or check their Google My Business profile (

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