Be Amazed By The Capital of Western Australia

Millions of people, young and old alike, are attracted to the idea of staying in Australia. Like us, you have probably imagined the high quality life here. We want to show how you can benefit from these benefits if Perth is your choice for your next adventure.

You have probably read about the many benefits and opportunities that Australia offers. We want to help you plan your trip to Australia’s fourth-largest city. We will also show you why it is the best to both study and work in Perth. Are you able to join us?

What’s it like to live and work in Perth?

We will answer that question by presenting five factors about Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. These are the lifestyle, school options, and cost of living. It is a wonderful place with tremendous potential for your future. Let’s get started!

1. Nature is everywhere

The beauty of Australia’s landscapes and the sea is what makes Aussie cities so popular. You’ll find parks, wildlife reserves, lush forests and trails in Perth. There are miles upon miles of beaches.

If you love hiking and photography, there’s always an adventure waiting for you.

King’s Park is the largest urban park of the country and can be found in Perth’s heart, right next to the Swan River.

You can also visit the magnificent Western Australia Botanical Garden, which has the largest collection wild flowers anywhere in the world. Rent a bike to explore the area, or just spend the day admiring the black swans.

You can find The Bibbulmun Trail, which is one of the longest and most thrilling walking trails in the country, 45 minutes away from Perth’s CBD.

It runs 1,000 km from the city’s outskirts to the country’s southwest coast, traversing forests, rivers, mountains, and camps. There are nine sections to the route, each with a different level of physical demand. You can choose from tours lasting anywhere from one to seven days.

For those who just want to enjoy a day on the sand, sea and sun, Perth has many beaches for you. Some of the most popular beaches, like Scarborough or Cotton, are great for watching the sunrise.

There are other hidden gems too, such as the one you can do around Rottnest island bay and Swanbourne where a swimsuit optional.

2. Enjoy a relaxed life in the sun

You may be curious about Perth’s weather, as there are so many natural attractions to see. You will be happy to know that Perth has a subtropical climate with 147 sunny days per year. This is the perfect place if you are looking for great summer destinations.

The city’s lifestyle is influenced by the almost tropical climate. Living here is more peaceful than in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane. Perth, unlike the large capitals of the east coast of Australia has a more relaxed atmosphere with only 2 million people. This is reflected in a greater sense of security and high quality public services.

The city’s status as one the most remote cities in the world is another factor that influences the quality of life. This qualifier isn’t an exaggeration. Perth is more than 2 000 kilometers away from Adelaide, the closest city.

Travelers who have been there have experienced the real magnitude of these distances, traveling miles and miles without ever meeting anyone on the roads or trails.

  1. Full immersion English

Living in Perth is a great option for Latin Americans and Spanish-speaking people. You can fully immerse yourself in the Anglo culture. This is the ideal opportunity to learn English!

This city is home to a small number of Spanish-speaking people, in comparison to Sydney and Brisbane. You won’t be tempted to use your native language but you may find yourself in a situation where you need to improve your English.

Perth, Australia is also a connecting point between Australia and Southeast Asia. This will allow you to meet people from all walks of life, not just those from the Anglosphere, but also from other cultures. Don’t be shy! Take a look at our tips for meeting new people.

These courses are designed for students of all levels and have been accredited by Australia to help them obtain a student visa. They are extremely flexible in terms their duration. If you are only planning to stay in Perth for a short period of time, an intensive can be taken for three months. Take a look at this proposal.

You can access general programs if you have a longer term. This option can last up to 2 years and allows students to work part-time while they study. It’s free to look at and get a budget estimate.

4. Professional training of the highest quality

The range of courses offered in Australia does not limit to English. Australia has world-class higher education facilities and a job training system. You will also find many options for pursuing your career path if you choose to make Perth your home.

One popular option is to enroll in VET (Vocational Education Training). These programs allow you to receive both theoretical and practical training in areas that are most in demand on the Australian labor market. You will graduate with the technical skills you need to quickly get a job.

They offer the opportunity to work part-time, much like language courses. The class hours are shorter and the cost is often lower than the other options. They also offer facilities that allow you to pay them in quarters.

5. Wages and cost of living are balanced

We are sure you have already been inspired to run to pack. We bet that you are still curious about one question: How much would living in Perth really cost?

You should know that Australia is one of the most desirable countries in the world. The living costs are higher than those of Latin America.

Perth is the most affordable of all the Australian capitals. Although it is difficult to provide an exact cost of living per month, the following estimates are in Australian dollars (AUD):

Apartment sharing with 3 rooms starting at A$520 (periphery), to A$800(centre) per Month

Lunch at home (soup or meat dish) – A$15

A meal in a cheap restaurant costs A$20

If the rent doesn’t include them, electricity, heating and water – A$200 per Month

Mobile telephony and Internet – A$73

Monthly public transport pass – A$155

Movie ticket – A$20

It costs between A$1,500 to A$1,800 per monthly to live in Perth, with moderate expenses. This does not include the cost of tuition, airfare, insurance, school supplies, or health insurance. This estimate does not include contingent expenses such as the cost of clothing and shoes.

You might spend more than A$2,000. Don’t worry! Good salaries make up for the high cost of living. Even if you work part-time and are not skilled, your earnings will be sufficient to pay for a large portion of your daily living expenses.

You must be a foreigner to live in Perth

To travel abroad, you must meet all the conditions to be allowed to enter the country and stay there as a temporary resident. We have compiled a summary of the basic conditions and two optional ones to give you an overview without being too boring. Please take note!

Apply for the visa

Australian visa

To live in Perth, you must have the right visa. There are many types of visas that can be used to travel to Australia. These vary depending on your case, from creating a business to vacations.

Let’s take a look at the top three choices for young professionals and students who are visiting this country for the first-time.

  • Visitor Visa. This is the standard visa to visit friends and family in the country. This visa allows you to stay in the country for up to three months depending on your purpose. You can even study for a quarter of a semester, but you cannot work.
  • Student Visa. It is the visa that will allow you to make the most out of your first visit to the country of kangaroos. The Student Visa Australia allows you to study in Perth and gain both the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world. It also allows you to work part-time (20 hours per week)
  • The Holiday and Work Visa is very popular for people who want to work in Australia. You can work full time for up to 12 month, but no more than six months with the same employer. You can also choose to take a training or course that lasts no more than four months.

You can review the pros and cons of each Visa by clicking on the names of the visas to access the relevant site at the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

You must show that you have sufficient funds to pay for your stay

After you have selected the right visa for you, you can begin the online application. They will require you to show that you have at least $5,000 AUD in order to pay for your stay in Australia.

You will need to show proof that you have the resources or have paid tuition if you are going as a student. This is a requirement to get a visa.

Although it may seem exorbitant, the Australian government is keen to ensure that foreigners do not have to work for free in order to pay for their stay.

ABN and TFN for Australia

The Australian government charges taxes on all work, just like in America and Europe. Even if you’re a foreigner living in Perth, you need to go through the appropriate process to become a contributor. This will allow you to avoid any penalties and ensure that you don’t have to comply with tax obligations.

You should check the details of your employment to see if you can get a TFN or Tax File Number if it is necessary for you to work as an employee or contractor. If you intend to open a business or work independently, an ABN (Australian Business Number), will be required.

Get health insurance

Get health insurance for Perth

If you are only planning to travel or take an intensive course such as the one we recommend, it is not necessary to have health insurance in Australia.

This service is recommended, even if you’re traveling alone. Because an emergency or a trip to the hospital can result in very high medical costs for the Australian health system which is mostly private.

However, insurance is vital if you plan to stay in the country for a long time to study or work. If you don’t have insurance, the government won’t grant you a student visa or worker visa.

A certificate of English proficiency is required

Can you work and live in Australia for a time without knowing English? Yes, although you will have limited income options. You must have a certificate to help you get more work opportunities in the labor market, even if you speak the language well.

Grow Pro allows you to access a course that will certify your language skills if you plan to move to Perth. This course will help you demonstrate your English proficiency by getting the highest scores in the Cambridge and IELTS exams. This experience is for you.

I am a foreign student who lives in Perth

Experiencia Joven believes that you can study and work in Australia simultaneously, which is the best way for you to make the most of your trip. Training and work experience will be gained in local businesses according to local standards. This will help you succeed in the highly competitive Australian job market.

As we mentioned, there are many visas that allow you to have this experience. The most popular visa is the Work and Holiday. It is one of the most difficult to get among the ones we mentioned. The country only issues a small number of these each year.

Additionally, for the Hispanic World, it is only possible to request it from those who are holders of a passport from Argentina Chile, Spain Uruguay, Peru, or Chile.

A student visa is required for English or vocational courses. However, this visa does not allow you to work full-time while you are in school.

Now you know what the capital of Western Australia is offering and how to get there. You don’t have to wait any longer to plan your next trip.

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