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Horow T05: Elevating Bathroom Comfort with Smart Technology

In the fast-paced world we live in, convenience and comfort are paramount. This extends to every aspect of our lives, including our bathroom experiences. Horow T05, the cutting-edge smart toilet, combines innovative technology with personalized comfort to revolutionize how we approach our daily bathroom routine.

Smart Flushing Convenience

The Horow T05 introduces a new level of flushing convenience with its smart features. With four different flushing options – auto, foot touch, remote, and manual control – users have complete control over their flushing preferences. Whether you prefer a hands-free approach or a manual flush, the Horow T05 ensures a hassle-free and efficient flushing experience.

Personalized Comfort

The Horow T05 is designed to provide personalized comfort to every user. Its elongated bowl design offers enhanced sitting comfort, making it suitable for individuals of all sizes. Moreover, the adjustable settings for the heated seat, dryer, and water temperature allow users to customize their experience according to their preferences. Say goodbye to the discomfort of cold seats and hello to a warm and cozy experience every time.

Advanced Hygiene Features

Maintaining optimal hygiene is crucial in any bathroom setting. The Horow T05 incorporates advanced hygiene features to ensure a clean and germ-free experience. The self-cleaning nozzle system provides thorough cleansing after each use, eliminating the need for manual cleaning. Additionally, the automatic lid feature prevents the spread of germs by opening and closing without any physical contact.

Energy Efficiency

The Horow T05 is not only technologically advanced but also environmentally friendly. It features energy-saving modes that reduce power consumption when not in use, contributing to sustainability efforts. By investing in the Horow T05, users not only enjoy a luxurious bathroom experience but also contribute to a greener future.


In conclusion, the Horow T05 smart toilet offers a seamless blend of technology and comfort, transforming your bathroom routine into a more convenient and personalized experience. With its smart flushing convenience, personalized comfort settings, advanced hygiene features, and energy efficiency, the Horow T05 sets a new standard in modern bathroom fixtures. Upgrade your bathroom with the Horow T05 and elevate your comfort and convenience to the next level.

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