European odds and Most Effective Betting Methods

European odds This is a type of bet that is extremely popular with online football betting sites today. However, not all bettors can know how to read and predict effectively. For that reason, the article below will provide everyone with detailed information about this type of bet.

What are  European odds?

This form of betting is widely known by another name, 1X2 betting. Thereby, betting participants will not need to care about the number of goals, the scorer or how many corners there are. Instead, you will guess which team will win with your bet European odds as follows:

  • 1: The player predicts the home team will win.
  • X: We believe that both teams have equal performance, so the result will be a draw.
  • 2: The away team will have the upper hand and bring home a glorious victory.

Thus, with the above results, the winning rate of each door will be 33.33%. However, to be able to predict accurately and bring in attractive bonuses, everyone needs to master the experiences that will be shared below.

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Accurate method for predicting  European odds

Predicting the results of 1X2 bets is not difficult, players just need to follow the following instructions to earn themselves a large sum of money.

Get the  European odds based on the number of handicaps in the Asian handicap

This method is only successful when the match has both European and Asian odds. If you are a person who regularly participates in sports betting, you will know that Asian handicap odds are given with the purpose of balancing the strength of the two teams and the stronger side will be on top, the weaker will be on the lower side. at the bottom door.

In fact, when participating in soi European odds, if you see that the handicap is heavily favoring one side, then that team has a very high chance of winning. However, if the handicap is only 0.5 – 1 result, there will still be a possibility of a draw.

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Capture all information related to the two teams

To know which teams are strong and which are weak, the most important thing is to find out information. The data that you need to pay attention to includes:

  • Encounter history in the last 3 matches
  • Is the starting lineup considered the strongest?
  • Which players are injured?
  • Each coach’s strategy in the last few matches?
  • Rankings of football teams worldwide and in this year’s season.

With this information, when examining European odds can only be accurate.

Bet based on betting time

This method of betting is only successful for those who have experience. Accordingly, during the process of the house setting the odds, the bet will have a lot of fluctuations (usually appearing 3-5 days before the match takes place). This is also the time to look and place bets to help people make the most accurate predictions.

European odds is always a simple form of soccer betting. We hope that with the shared information, everyone will know how to predict accurately and receive attractive bonuses from the house.

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