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akubela SmartPanel Pro: The Future of Smart Security and Home Automation

akubela introduces the revolutionary SmartPanel Pro, a cutting-edge 10″ Zigbee security control panel that combines advanced features, seamless connectivity, and intuitive control. With akubela’s SmartPanel Pro, homeowners can experience the ultimate in smart security and home automation. This Thanksgiving, give your family the gift of a secure and convenient home with the akubela SmartPanel Pro.

Smart Security and Peace of Mind

The akubela SmartPanel Pro is designed to provide homeowners with unparalleled peace of mind. Featuring a built-in HD camera and the ability to connect wired or wireless alarm sensors, this sophisticated control panel ensures comprehensive security monitoring for your home. akubela’s dedication to security is evident in the specially-designed security user interface, which allows users to easily monitor and control their home’s security features. With the SmartPanel Pro, homeowners can rest assured that their loved ones and property are protected.

Seamless Communication and Connectivity

akubela’s SmartPanel Pro goes beyond security by offering advanced intercom functionality, connecting your entire family. Whether it’s announcing dinner to the kids in their rooms, video chatting with parents in their own homes, or checking on a sleeping baby, the SmartPanel Pro enhances communication and brings families closer together. With two-way communication capabilities and high-quality video, staying connected with your loved ones has never been easier.

Complete Home Control and Automation

Take control of your entire home with akubela’s SmartPanel Pro. Powered by Zigbee 3.0, this smart control hub keeps you connected to a vast ecosystem of smart IoT devices. Create customized scenes that match your day-to-day routines, effortlessly managing lighting, temperature, and other smart devices from the intuitive interface. The SmartPanel Pro empowers homeowners to personalize their living environment, making it truly their own.


This Thanksgiving, upgrade your home with the akubela SmartPanel Pro and experience the future of smart security and home automation. With their commitment to innovation and expertise, akubela has created a control panel that combines advanced security features, seamless communication, and complete home control. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enhanced security, seamless connectivity, and the convenience of managing your home from one place. Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving by providing your family with a secure and convenient home with the akubela SmartPanel Pro.

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