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ACEM’s Visionary Leader: Fangruo Chen’s Impact on Management Science

Fangruo Chen, the Dean and Guangqi Chair Professor at Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), is a distinguished figure in the field of Operations Management/Supply Chain Management. With his extensive contributions, groundbreaking research, and visionary initiatives, Fangruo Chen has left an indelible mark on management science. Let’s delve into his role at ACEM, his remarkable research and publications, and the transformative initiatives he has undertaken.

Introduction to Fangruo Chen: Dean and Guangqi Chair Professor

As the Dean and Guangqi Chair Professor at ACEM, Fangruo Chen plays a vital role in shaping the academic landscape. His expertise in Operations Management and Supply Chain Management has positioned him as a recognized authority in the field. With notable achievements and leadership positions, Fangruo Chen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ACEM, driving excellence in management education.

Fangruo Chen’s Research and Publications

Fangruo Chen’s research interests span Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, and interdisciplinary studies. His contributions in the areas of supply chain information sharing and coordination theory have been groundbreaking, revolutionizing the field. His research findings have been published in renowned international academic journals, including influential editorial roles in top publications like Management Science and Operations Research.

Fangruo Chen’s Initiatives and Impact

Fangruo Chen’s tenure as the Dean of ACEM has witnessed ambitious initiatives aimed at reforming the business school and fostering innovation. He has spearheaded the promotion of industry research, bridging the gap between academia and industry. His visionary approach has led to increased collaboration and impactful partnerships. Fangruo Chen’s outstanding achievements have garnered recognition, awards, and the establishment of the Chinese Scholars Association for Management Science and Engineering (CSAMSE).


Fangruo Chen’s leadership at ACEM has had a profound impact on the field of management science. Through his role as the Dean and Guangqi Chair Professor, he has championed research, innovation, and industry collaboration. With his remarkable contributions in Operations Management and Supply Chain Management, Fangruo Chen has solidified his position as a visionary leader. ACEM continues to thrive under his guidance, shaping the future of management education and making a lasting impact on the business landscape.

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