4 Best IPL Betting Apps in India

More than 140 million people in India placing betting on their favorite game. This keeps increasing up to 370 million during the IPL. Do you know what makes IPL betting soar to such incredible heights? The thrill of the game! The passion of the fans!!

These are the main reasons for the rise in IPL betting. There are many IPL betting apps available online. Imagine having the perfect app enhances your betting experience.

It also keeps you ahead in the game. Curious to find out which app stands out in this bustling market? Let’s explore the top IPL betting apps in India that suit your needs the best!


The first IPL betting app you can see in this list is Indibet. This platform was established in 2018. Indibet platform has been catering to Indian users since its invention. Later on this platform was available in app.

This created more convenience for people. You can place your bet from the comfort of your home. Are you new to the betting platform? Looking to place your bet on a coming IPL match? If so, choose the Indibet app for more comfort.  

You can place many types of IPL betting at this pltaform. Indibet provides full time customer support. This app also provides customer support via multiple platforms. This ensures that you can clear your queries whenever you need to.

New users can get a bonus of 400%. This is called welcome bonus, which adds extra excitement for the players. This app also accepts various payment options. You can also choose cryptocurrency transactions on this platform.


Do you have a strong passion for cricket? Have knowledge of predicting match results? Then 96in the app will be your perfect choice. This app was created specifically for Indian players. This app allows you to make significant profits by placing bets on your favorite players.

Online cricket betting at 96in platforms is a great opportunity for sports enthusiasts. The 96in app has a user friendly interface. This allows users to easily navigate. The app has a dynamic live betting feature. This allows users to place bets in real time.

This offers an added degree of excitement. This lets bettors change their plans based on changing game dynamics. Security is 96 in’s main priority. The software ensures that all financial transactions are completed via an encrypted channel.

This will honestly give users peace of mind. This app provides the most thrilling bonuses for all the users. Among many apps, 96in is considered to be the safest betting app. The 96in app has emerged as a game changer in cricket betting.


A unique betting app in this list is Parimatch. This app is establishing itself as a top player in the dynamic world of slot bets. Comfort is key when it comes to the design of its iOS and Android mobile apps.

The interface of Parimatch dynamically adjusts to system requirements. The interface was also developed with user preferences in mind. So that navigation of this app is effortless. The next great thing about this app is the availability of payment methods.  

The application features an efficient deposit enrollment procedure. Winnings can be withdrawn as soon as the match ends. This platform offer INR as the main currency. This is best for Indian players.

It is essential to update your app to access all the latest features. You can also get the latest version of the app from the Parimatch website. Looking for the unique IPL betting app with excellent features? Then end your search with Parimatch.


The Kheloyar app(https://kheloyar-app.com/) is an innovative gaming platform. This platform holds a wide range of games to fit everyone’s needs. Looking to enjoy casino games? Or else interested in placing live IPL bets? The Kheloyar app offers something for everyone.

Generally, you will be confused about using the app if you are new to the betting app. But the Kheloyar app just changed this mindset. Actually the user interface of this app is very simple. Players of any age can simple navigate the app.

Another great thing about the Kheloyar app is customer support. At this app, you can get the customer support via many platforms. Looking to clear your queries via Email? Or do you have an idea of clearing your doubts on the call? Not to worry!! The Kheloyar app has the option for everything.

This ensures that the user of the Kheloyar app will clear their doubts at any time. Are you using iOS mobile? If so, your device should run on a later version of Apple. Having an older version? Just upgrade your version of the mobile.

The Bottom Line

Ready to dive into the IPL betting world? With top-notch apps, you have plenty of options to enhance your experience. Are you a newbie? Or else a seasoned bettor? These apps offer the best betting experience for the users. So, why wait? Choose your app and start betting today!

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