Why Should Utilize Mindray’s Smart AEDs

Putting in place a campus emergency rescue system helps raise students’ awareness of their safety and lessen accidental injuries. Additionally, the widespread use of AEDs for schools is a crucial component of the emergency rescue system. AEDs are medical devices used to save people in cardiac arrest. They are often referred to as portable defibrillators.

The AED can shock the heart with electricity to defibrillate it after a cardiac arrest, returning it to a normal rhythm and saving the patient’s life. AED provider Mindray will outline the importance of using AEDs in this post.

Why is it crucial that everyone has access to dependable AEDs?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, and sudden cardiac arrest is a major cause of death. Patients who experience sudden cardiac arrest frequently appear normal before passing away. The great majority of cardiac arrests take place outside of hospitals as a result.

As a result of the patient’s loss of circulation during a cardiac arrest, the patient’s heart is unable to function correctly, and important organs, including the brain, are starved of blood and oxygen, which causes irreversible brain cell death.

The heart will stop pumping, the patient’s ventricular fibrillation will halt, and the brain cells will start to die after around 10 minutes. The patient’s life will permanently end if life-saving procedures are not implemented promptly. Therefore, correctly using an automated external defibrillator is much more important than waiting for help.


In conclusion, Mindray’s AED is highly intelligent, has a stable and reliable system that enables regular people to perform first aid by audio-visual instructions properly, and is widely used in public settings other than hospitals, such as subway stations, airports, schools, shopping malls, movie theaters, stadiums, etc. By combining smart AED technology with CPR and first aid certification, organizations can enhance their emergency response capabilities and improve outcomes for individuals experiencing sudden cardiac arrest or other medical emergencies in the workplace or community.

AED use in schools is also advantageous for providing immediate care for students experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Visit the official Mindray website for additional details.

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