Rules for playing cockfighting and cockfighting with iron spurs from North – Central – South

Cockfighting is one of the animal sports games that many people participate in and love to choose. It can be said that cockfighting has now become one of the most popular games. Especially when online cockfighting has been popular with many bookmakers providing services. In this article, we will share with you detailed online cockfighting rules.

Rules of cockfighting in different regions

Below we will share with you the cockfighting rules you need to know in all 3 different regions. There will be separate rules and cockfighting rules that are relatively similar in each region.

Rules of playing cockfighting in the North

When participating in playing cockfighting in the North, you need to know clearly what the rules of cockfighting are in the North. Accordingly, the rules of cockfighting in the North will have the following main points:

  • Fighting cocks must be of equal weight and can be combined into a fighting bet. Each round (or 1 round) will last about 15 minutes, after 1 round the cocks will rest for 5 minutes.
  • If a chicken is fighting and another chicken dies, that means that chicken wins, and the other loses. If you run with your mouth and legs, you lose. If you don’t have a barrier and don’t kick, you lose. Jumping continuously and not kicking is also considered a loss.
  • Chickens with beaks can borrow the tank 2 times, each time they borrow 5 minutes, if the chicken stands 9 meters 5 minutes, the 2 chicken owners have the right to talk to Ngo Hoa.
  • In terms of Heavyweight – over 4kg, Middleweight – from 3 to 4kg, Lightweight – under 3kg this is a different place.

In particular, each different cockfighting arena will have different rules. If you want to participate in betting, players need to clearly know the information of the cockfighting arena. For example, for Yen So cockfighting arena, each cockfight lasts 15 minutes and takes a 5-minute break. In addition, details such as beak joints, feather placement, and luck all have different regulations between cockfighting arenas.

Rules of cockfighting in the Central region

The rules of cockfighting in the Central region are quite similar to the rules of cockfighting in the North. Accordingly, cockfighting usually takes place on the days before Tet and lasts until the fourth lunar month. For example, the cockfighting rules in Binh Dinh are set as standards for the Central region’s cockfighting rules. Each round or 1 hug is 20 minutes. Then rest for 5 minutes. In particular, it must be classified according to weight such as: over 3.5kg – from 3 to 3.5kg – under 3kg according to heavy, medium and light weight milestones.

The rules of cockfighting in the Central region are not too different, but each cockfighting arena will have its own rules that you need to know clearly. Especially for each cockfighting arena regulation, you need to clearly understand the cockfighting rules as well as the betting rules if you participate in cockfighting betting at cockfighting arenas.

Normally, before participating, cockfighting arenas will provide detailed information to players about cockfighting information. Especially information such as cockfighting rankings, information about cockfighting and related betting regulations when playing.

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Rules for playing cockfighting in the South

For Saigon cockfighting, each round is 15 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break similar to other places. In particular, chicken players often use the word leg to classify into 3 sizes such as:

  • First leg: over 4kg
  • Second Stage: from 3 – 4kg
  • Stage Three: under 3kg

This means that the cockfighting rules and cockfighting rules apply to traditional fighting cocks or spur cocks. Does not apply to cockfighting with iron spurs and dagger spurs. However, the way of classifying stages and levels of fighting cocks is also very sophisticated, different between cockfighting arenas and is also quite simple to use so you don’t need to worry too much. Chicken enthusiasts often use scales to calculate the weight of both chickens, which is very convenient.

Maybe you don’t know: cockfighting arena is also called cockfighting arena, some localities call it cockfighting arena in the North and cockfighting arena in the South. The game rules are mainly used for traditional fighting cocks. In particular, cockfighting people in the South often gather to large cockfighting arenas on the outskirts of Saigon and Bien Hoa – the results are also very quick to know if you win or lose in the simplest and fastest way.

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Above is all the information that we have shared with you about cockfighting rules and related information about cockfighting rules in all three regions, North, Central, and South. Hopefully this information will help you better understand the laws of cockfighting as well as the laws of cockfighting with iron spurs in the most accurate way.

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