How to Play Fish Shooting and Always Win – Extreme Playing Tips from New88

How to play fish shooting and always win is a collection of strategies from leading experts to help gamers win. Together Trang Chủ New88 Discover the most used fish shooting tips through the following content.

Why fish shooting game at New88 loved?

Along with the development of technology, fish shooting games have been modified by manufacturers to have more attractive features. Since then, this is considered a favorite game series of many gamers. The strong attraction of money-making games at the house New88 is expressed through the following factors.

Simple gameplay

The game of shooting fish for money has a fairly simple gameplay. To shoot a lot of fish, the player must shoot continuously. Therefore, it has brought players a feeling of excitement and attraction like never before. Brothers, please come immediately New88 If you want to experience the new feeling that this game brings.

Beautiful and impressive interface

When playing fish shooting game to win coins at New88 then you will be immersed in the vast ocean world with swimming fish, sea monsters,… This is truly an extremely entertaining game from graphics to gameplay. .

Attractive bonuses

Come to fish shooting game for coins at New88, with just simple steps you can receive reward coins to exchange money. Furthermore, incentive programs, promotions, and free code giveaways are also held regularly to attract a large number of gamers to participate.

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Summary of ways to play fish shooting to always win at New88

Although it is a simple game, to win a lot of money, you still have to have your own tips. Next we will introduce to you how to play fish shooting and always win, which is regularly applied by experts.

Use mustache playing strategies

Most gamers often make the mistake of always ignoring small fish and aiming to shoot big fish to get a lot of bonuses. However, this is not a wise way to shoot fish because if you shoot big fish without dying, you will lose a large number of bullets. Along with that, if the fish is killed by a stray bullet, you will not be able to count the coins. So, please take advantage of the small corner of the fish shooting machine to kill small fish. How to play fish shooting and always win In this case, apply the mustache strategy. First, rotate the gun barrel continuously around the fish shooting table, then shoot one bullet at a time and each bullet shoots one fish. As for big fish, you should shoot 2 – 3 bullets.

Shoot as soon as the fish leaves the table

The way to always win when playing fish shooting that bettors often use is to shoot when the fish just leaves the table. If the bettor is experienced and skilled, winning coins will definitely happen. Players just need to sit guard and load bullets at the corners of the table, then wait for the fish to shoot and receive coins.

Single fish shooting

You don’t necessarily have to shoot large pellets at single swimming fish to avoid waste. Use small bullets instead. In addition, if you shoot 3 – 5 bullets and the small fish do not die, stop killing these fish. The goal is to avoid unnecessary waste of coins. Hence applyHow to play fish shooting and always win that any player who wants to win should use.

Play shooting fish with bullets

WithHow to play fish shooting and always win Hey, you just need to shoot more bullets, shoot 9 fish with 1 bullet each and then increase from 2,3,4… until 100. When you shoot the 100th bullet, you will lose 558 points but in return At this point the fish will die at the same time and you will earn 1000 points. No matter what bullet you die in, you will still earn a significant amount of coins.

Use the ice fish shooting trick

One of the How to play fish shooting and always win The most effective way is to shoot marble fish. This good method helps you increase the number of bullets fired at a fish at the same time. Although this method consumes more bullets than other methods, when you dispute with others, this great tip is much more effective.

Only shoot big fish when you have enough bullets

This way of always winning fish shooting is only for those who have a large reserve of money. At this time, you should not waste time shooting small fish anymore. Instead, use large bullets to aim at big fish like sharks, mermaids, etc. Use bullet 7 to easily destroy big fish. Every time you defeat a big fish, you will receive 100-200 times the amount of the bullet you fired.

Above is a summary of those How to play fish shooting and always win Simple but extremely effective from the house New88. Applying these good tips will help gamers win quickly and take home lots of valuable bonuses.


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