Forest City Industrial Building Park – Driving Innovation and Economic Growth

The Forest City Industrial Building Park is a vital component of Forest City Development, playing a crucial role in supporting businesses within the global industrial chain and fostering collaboration and innovation. This state-of-the-art industrial park is strategically located and offers numerous benefits for businesses seeking growth and expansion opportunities.

Strategic importance

Situated in the Asia-Pacific region, the Forest City Industrial Building Park holds immense strategic importance as an industrial base. Its location attracts industrial opportunities from Singapore and contributes significantly to regional economic growth. By establishing their presence in this park, businesses can tap into the advantages of supply chain management, logistics, and collaboration with other industry players.

Infrastructure and facilities

The Forest City Industrial Building Park provides essential infrastructure and facilities that cater to the diverse needs of businesses. It offers comprehensive support throughout the entire business lifecycle, including design, research and development, production and processing, and technical consultation and management. The park’s cutting-edge features and capabilities enhance productivity and efficiency, ensuring businesses can operate at their full potential.

Innovation and technology

Emphasizing innovation and technology, the Forest City Industrial Building Park leverages advanced technologies for manufacturing, logistics, and research and development. By embracing automation, robotics, and digitalization, businesses operating in the park can stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the global market. Furthermore, the park encourages collaboration among companies, fostering a culture of innovation and enabling them to benefit from cutting-edge advancements.

Government support and incentives

Forest City Development enjoys pro-business policies and government incentives exclusive to the development. These support mechanisms attract key industries to set up their operations in the industrial park, driving economic growth. Forest City’s participation in initiatives like the “Belt and Road” initiative further solidifies its position as a hub for international trade and commerce, creating a favorable environment for businesses to thrive.


The Forest City Industrial Building Park plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and economic growth. With its strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, focus on innovation and technology, and government support, the park offers businesses within the global industrial chain unparalleled opportunities for expansion and success. Forest City Development remains committed to creating a dynamic and transformative ecosystem that nurtures industrial development and propels businesses towards a prosperous future. By leveraging the advantages offered by the Forest City Industrial Building Park, businesses can unlock their full potential and actively contribute to the region’s economic progress.

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