Breaking Down Communication Barriers in Meetings with Interactive Whiteboards

Have you ever been in a meeting where communication seemed to hit a brick wall? Maybe someone speaks up but their point gets lost in translation, or perhaps there’s just not enough engagement from the group. Fear not! The solution may be simpler than you think: Ikinor‘s interactive whiteboards.

The Advantages of Using an Interactive Whiteboard in Meetings

One of its biggest advantages is that it allows people to collaborate more easily by sharing data and ideas on the same screen.

Another great benefit of using an interactive whiteboard is that it can help break down communication barriers. By allowing participants to share ideas and data right on the board, they can quickly get a better understanding of what others are thinking. This can lead to more productive meetings overall as everyone stays on top of what’s going on.

How to Use an Interactive Whiteboard Effectively

  1. Establish ground rules early on.
    2. Keep discussions focused.
    3. Use graphics and icons sparingly.
    4. Take breaks.


As a business, it is important to be able to effectively communicate with your employees. However, oftentimes there are communication barriers that prevent this from happening. One common barrier is the use of interactive whiteboards in meetings.

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