Things That Make HughesNet the Number One Satellite Internet Choice

We all know how important internet connectivity is in today’s times. However, if you live in rural and suburban America, you must be aware of how difficult it is to get a good internet connection. Not many internet service providers offer their services in rural areas and if they do, either they rip you off money or the internet keeps lagging. One of the most reliable internet service types in remote and rural areas is satellite. In that case, America’s number one choice when it comes to Satellite internet is HughesNet.

HughesNet is one of the most reliable and easily accessible internet services in rural America. And, if it wasn’t for Satellite internet, most of rural America still wouldn’t have access to a steady internet connection.

Besides that, several factors make HughesNet internet people’s number one choice. So, if you are looking for a reliable internet service near you, read on and find out the best things about our favorite ISP.


One thing that makes HughesNet internet people’s best choice is the widespread availability of its service plans. The plans are readily available in even the outskirts of America—near borders, remote areas, and rural America. You can be anywhere from Alaska to Puerto Rico and still have access to Satellite internet.

HughesNet is available in all 50 States in the US, being available from coast to coast. The best thing about it is that high-speed internet is accessible even in areas where there is no concept of cable or fiber internet. You can enjoy the beauty of America’s wilderness and enjoy high-speed internet at the same time. The high coverage makes the service super reliable and convenient for those tired of constant connectivity issues.

Plans for Everyone

HughesNet comes with a good variety of internet plans that are suitable for everyone. Whether you are an individual user with minimal internet usage, a couple working from home, have kids learning from home, or even a large family with a number of devices and usage, HughesNet has plans suitable for everyone.

Every plan comes with a different data allowance and price to cover different consumer needs. The good thing is that each plan delivers the same fast speed no matter where you are located. As we mentioned, you get to enjoy satellite internet that is widely available at a speed of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds. They are also super flexible with the data capacity options, which makes them even more valuable.

Here is the diverse range of internet plans offered by HughesNet, and all you can do with these plans.

HughesNet Internet Plans (Data Allowance)  




Who Can Use It?

15 GB  

Extra fees for equipment lease or purchase.        

For individual users or two people with light internet usage. Send and receive emails, browse and surf, and chat with friends and family with minimum lags.
30 GB


$49.99/mo. (Discount for a limited time)

Extra fees for equipment lease or purchase.

24-month commitment required.

Available in select markets.

It is good for small families, who shop online, stream music, stay connected via socials, send and receive files, and use social media actively.
50 GB


$64.99/mo. (Discount for a limited time)

Extra fees for equipment lease or purchase.

24-month commitment required.

Available in select markets.

For bigger families where multiple devices stay connected at a time. Send and receive large files, use social media, stream content, and much more.
100 GB


$99.99/mo. (Discount for a limited time)

Extra fees for equipment lease or purchase.

24-month commitment required.

Available in select markets.

This plan is for families with greater data requirements. Send and receive files, surf and browse, work from home, and take virtual classes. Also, have multiple devices connected at a time.
Fusion 50 GB $74.99/mo. (Discount for a limited time)

Extra fees for equipment lease or purchase.

24-month commitment required.

Available in select markets.

For those who work from home via tunnel-based VPN and face lags. This plan and data allowance minimized lags and help you stay connected to your work network.
Fusion 100 GB $124.99/mo. (Discount for a limited time)

Extra fees for equipment lease or purchase.

A 24-month commitment is required.

Available in select markets.

This plan comes with the highest data allowance. Anyone with latency-sensitive requests can use this hybrid service. Gamers, streamers, remote workers, and virtual learners all can use this plan to have a seamless internet experience.

Note: Speeds and data are subject to the area of residence, and the discounted rates are for the first six months only. After the first half year, you will have to pay the standard rate.

Innovative Solutions

In terms of satellite communications, HughesNet keeps actively bringing innovative solutions for many underserved American homes—mostly that are in rural and remote areas. As we discussed, HughesNet sees it as their utmost priority to provide the underserved American household with the best possible internet solutions.

The provider uses Gen-5 satellite internet service. They use a combination of satellite and wireless internet service to reduce the latency that is integral to its service type with HughesNet Fusion. By bringing the Fusion plans, they ensure to deliver the best quality service to their customers.

Fast and Steady Speeds

Again, as we said remote areas struggle the most with connectivity issues. In this case, HughesNet provides the same speed as all of its plans. The speeds vary slightly depending on your area of residence. With 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds, you can surf fast, download swiftly, receive and send emails, watch videos, and share and receive files. You can choose your perfect plan by going through the plans mentioned above.

No Data Overage Charge

When it comes to data, we understand how common it is to exceed your monthly allocated data allowance. With HughesNet, if that happens, you won’t be cut off or charged extra. Instead, you stay connected at slower speeds. However, if you are not satisfied with a lower speed, you get an option to purchase Data Tokens that never expire. You can use the remaining data that you have purchased in your next months as well, without having to worry about expiration. You can purchase the data tokens via your phone app.

Extra Data with the Bonus Zone

We don’t think you will even have to worry about exceeded data because of what we are going to tell you. With the Bonus Zone, you get an additional 50 GBs every month for downloading heavy files, streaming and playing video gaming, or system updates. The extra data is offered to you between 2 am to 8 am so you don’t use the data from your service plan. This is completely extra for you to do all the heavy downloading.

While the timings are a little odd, you can use this data and schedule heavy downloads for your video games, 4K movies, TV shows, and much more to use and watch later. We think anyone would want to benefit from such value-adding offers.

Data Saving Features

Since data is a big deal in this case, another value-adding feature that comes with HughesNet internet plans is the data-saving technology. If you are thinking that the given amount of data would never be enough, we have good news for you. Besides the fact that there’s no overage fee, there are Data Tokens, and you get extra data from 2 am to 8 am which already makes it super convenient, you also get advanced data-saving features.

This helps you make the most out of your internet plan. For example, the streaming quality is adjusted automatically to give you a good picture quality and save data at the same time. Your surfing is made easier as the web pages load faster using lesser data. This is made possible by automatically optimized and compressed web content.

Built-in WiFi

HughesNet comes with a built-in integrated WiFi that comes with a satellite modem and an advanced WiFi router for everyone to enjoy equally fast speed and a secure connection on their devices. The provider uses some of the most advanced WiFi technology and standards to provide their customers with the up to date technology as well as security updates.

Nortan 360 for Advanced Internet Security

Besides the built-in security, HughesNet also provides its customers with an extra layer of internet security. You can add the Norton™ 360 Deluxe to your HughesNet internet plan to make yourself completely secure on the web. It is a super effective and simple solution for your cybersecurity concerns.

The advanced anti-virus software saves you from constantly evolving cybersecurity threats, blocks hackers, and keeps you completely secure online. Besides, the customized service keeps updating the software as new threats arise to provide you with complete security, and it is exclusively available for HughesNet customers.

Apart from that, besides access to high-speed internet and more value-adding features, you also get real-time threat protection parental controls, cloud backup, password manager, SafeCam, and most importantly Dark Web Monitoring. This not only makes it a decent internet service but also one of the best services in terms of internet security.

Flexible Installation and Equipment Options

Another factor in terms of flexibility is HughesNet offers flexibility in many aspects. For instance, with HughesNet, you get an option for installation and equipment where you either lease the equipment on rental fees or there is only a one-time setup cost. Besides, you can also invest in the equipment by buying it and owning it for life. This way, you don’t have to pay the rental fee every month. Altogether, the installation & equipment cost a one-time $449.98 and $549.98 for Satellite-only and fusion plans.

24/7 Customer Support

Besides all other factors, one thing that is needed in remote and rural areas is good customer service when it comes to the internet. A bad connection is often inevitable when it comes to such areas, and there can be plenty of reasons from your side as well as the provider’s side for your connection to be poor.

In that case, HughesNet has a super responsive customer care team that is always ready to solve your sales related as well as connectivity issues. No matter what the issue may be, your customer care team will always be available to assist you.

In Conclusion

When it comes to good internet service in rural and suburban areas of the US, there are not many options. However, that does not at all mean you lower your standards for an internet service provider. One such provider that has always been up to par with advanced technologies and standards is HughesNet. From internet security to speed, to connection type, and flexibility, HughesNet takes care of everything to provide their customers with a smooth and convenient internet experience.

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