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SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit: The Perfect Companion for Professional Photography

SmallRig is a trusted brand known for its high-quality camera tripods and camera stands that cater to the needs of professional photographers. If you’re in search of a reliable camera tripod, look no further than the SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit. This tripod kit offers exceptional features and functionality, making it the perfect companion for capturing stunning photographs. In this article, we will explore why the SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit stands out as a top choice for photographers.

One-Step Locking & Quick Adjustment

The SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit features a one-step locking system, allowing for quick and effortless adjustment of the tripod’s height. With just a single toggle, you can lock two legs simultaneously, providing a height range of 37″-78″ (94cm-197cm). The tripod also folds down to a compact length of 39″ (99cm), making it easy to transport and store.

Adjustable Step-Less Damping System

Achieve smooth and controlled camera movements with the adjustable step-less damping system of the SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit. This feature allows you to pan the camera at various speeds, providing the flexibility to capture your desired shots. With a counterbalance system designed for a center of gravity height of 55mm, the tripod can handle cameras or rigs weighing up to 17.6lbs (8kg), ensuring great dynamic balance. The fluid head enables 360° horizontal movement and +90°/-60° vertical movement for versatile shooting angles.

Telescopic Handle & Expandability

The SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit includes a detachable telescopic handle that offers easy storage and operation. Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, the handle caters to your preference. It can be adjusted from 9.1″-14.2″ (23cm-36cm) in length, providing comfortable handling during photography sessions. Additionally, the video head features a 1/4″-20 threaded hole, allowing for the attachment of accessories such as a magic arm. The built-in wrench facilitates convenient camera installation and release.


The SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit is the ultimate tool for professional photographers seeking stability, versatility, and ease of use. With its one-step locking system, quick adjustment capabilities, adjustable step-less damping system, telescopic handle, and expandability, this tripod kit offers everything you need to capture stunning and precise images. Invest in SmallRig’s commitment to quality and experience the difference this tripod kit makes in your photography. Elevate your photography to new heights with the SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit, the trusted choice of photographers worldwide.

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