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Exploring HIKMICRO’s Range of Infrared Thermal Cameras for Various Applications

Infrared thermal cameras have become an essential tool for various industries, such as outdoor hunting, industrial infrared sensing, and security and safety. HIKMICRO is a brand that offers innovative solutions using thermal imaging technology as the core and ultrasonic and visible light imaging technology as additional fields. This article will discuss the different products and features of HIKMICRO’s infrared thermal cameras.

Handheld Infrared Thermal Camera

HIKMICRO’s handheld infrared thermal cameras are suitable for building diagnostics, electrical, industrial, mechanical/automotive, HVAC, and utility applications. These cameras provide high-resolution images with temperature measurements and can detect hidden issues such as energy loss, water damage, and electrical faults.

Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermal Camera

For potentially explosive environments like oil and gas plants or chemical plants, HIKMICRO offers intrinsically safe infrared thermal cameras. These cameras provide protection from potential ignition into the atmosphere and offer accurate temperature measurement in these hazardous environments.

HIKMICRO Eco and Eco-V Infrared Thermal Camera

HIKMICRO Eco and Eco-V are economical infrared thermal cameras that offer enhanced thermal clarity with SuperIR technology. These cameras feature dual camera thermal imaging, wide-angle lens, ruggedized design, and accurate full-screen temperature measurement. The Eco-V model also includes one-touch infrared and visible image storage and seven color palettes for efficient workflow.


HIKMICRO offers a diverse range of infrared thermal cameras suitable for various industries and applications. Their innovative technology and features enable accurate and efficient detection and measurement of temperature anomalies and other hidden issues. With HIKMICRO’s vision to move thermal products from a niche market to the mass market and their mission to expand the boundaries of human perception, they continue to provide reliable solutions to customers worldwide.

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