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If you are a professional player in reading soccer odds, you must first learn how to beat the house How to read soccer odds It’s easy to say but not easy. Bookmakers will provide a statistical table of odds between matches, and you must use number symbols. If you are new, you should definitely read this article immediately. Let’s read and share how to read football odds Trang Chủ Hi88 any.

What are bookmaker football odds?

To put it simply, the bookmaker’s exact soccer betting contract is the estimated number for the match presented by the house as betting odds. These specifications will be set by the bookmakers. Each football match and each competition may have different odds.

Users must choose which bet is the most enjoyable, then bet on that bet and if you are lucky, you will receive the bonus. As for those who are new to entering a bookmaker for the first time and betting on football, they should know How to read soccer odds, soccer betting agreements and calculate odds accordingly.

How to read soccer odds and things to know before playing

To know how to read football odds dealer easily, the first thing players need to understand is the symbols and parameters in the match odds table. The odds table provides full match information such as time, away team, home team and various odds for players.

  • The team named above is the home team, below is the away team.
  • When two football teams play on a neutral field, there is an additional symbol (N).
  • The team whose name is marked in red is considered stronger by the bookmaker, the other team is weaker. If two teams have black letters, they are equal.
  • The bookmaker offers many different types of odds according to the first half and the whole match: The full-time and first half columns are the same in terms of odds: Handicap, Over/Under (O/U) and 1×2.

There are also many other attractive bets with huge payout rates such as: Corner bet, cross bets, shaky odds,… Reputable bookmaker Hi88 will guide you in detail How to read ball odds kick in the most understandable way.

How to read Asian football odds

In soccer betting on highly rated bookmakers, there are many different types of soccer betting contracts, of which there are 3 main odds: Asian handicap (Handicap), European handicap (1×2) and Over handicap. faint ( o/u – over/under ) . Below are instructions on how to read soccer odds and how to view soccer betting terms so that users can start a new relationship with each type of bet as soon as possible.

What is handicap betting?

Handicap or Asian handicap is a form of betting where the upper team always handicaps the lower team by a certain ratio. Some bookmaker will give this number and the user needs to calculate what percentage is the probability of it coming back, whether the event will happen according to that ratio or not, whether it will win or not.

Therefore, the standard way to read Asian handicaps is extremely difficult because they choose everyone’s chances of winning. In the following sections, Hi88 will guide you to read this bet in the most specific and easy to understand way.

Handicap draw 0 – 0 equal ball bet

A draw usually occurs when two teams are equal in terms of physical strength, performance, and class.

To put it simply, in this bet the upper team accepts 0 goals for the lower team and we calculate the reward as follows:

Bet on the favorite team to win money if this team wins.

The underdog wins the bet when this team wins.

If the match result is a draw, any bet will be refunded from the house.

Draw bet handicaps 1 goal

Handicap 1 goal or called 1.0 handicap, understand that the upper team handicaps the lower team 1 goal and specifically, we have the following options:

If the upper team (CT) wins by more than 2 goals, the lower team (CD) wins, so bet on CT to win money, CD loses full money.

When the underdog wins, the two teams are tied, bet on CD to win money, CT loses enough money.

With the result, the upper team wins by 1 goal, so: The teams receive their original bet back.

Similar to the 2-card handicap, the 2 teams get their money back when the CT team wins by 2 cards and the 3-card handicap is a difference of 3 goals.

Handicap 1/4

Handicap 0 – 0.5 is also common when the teams have little difference in class with each other.

If you see this number appear, please understand that reading football odds is calculated as follows:

  • Win money from the upper team if this team wins.
  • Receive a reward from the underdog if CD team wins.
  • If the two teams are tied, CT bets lose half the money, CDs win half the money.

Handicap 1:1/4 (1.25)

This is also a common bet in soccer betting. If you see this ratio, it means:

  • The person who chooses the upper bet wins money if this team wins by 2 goals or more.
  • If the upper team wins by 1 goal, the house returns half the bet to the upper team and the lower team loses half.
  • You bet on the underdog and win money when this team wins or 2 teams draw.

Handicap 1/2 or 0.5 left

For matches without much difference, this bet is also often offered.

Specifically, you need to understand How to bet on soccer When this happens, do the following:

  • You win money if you bet on the upper hand and this hand wins.
  • Win money if you bet on the underdog and this bet wins or 2 teams draw.

Handicap 1.5, 2.5,… left

In sports betting, it is also common to see the house odds given as 1.5

Specifically, in this case you should understand:

  • If the handicap team wins by 2 goals or more, the bet on the upper hand will win money.
  • If the team accepts a loss, wins by 1 goal difference or draws, then you will lose all your money on this bet.

Similarly, with a handicap of 2.5, the team betting on the favorite team will only win money if this team wins by a difference of 3 goals or more and 3.5, the difference must be 4 or more.

Handicap 3/4 or 0.75

For the 0.75 handicap, you should remember the following main points:

  • You win money if you bet on the favorite team and this team wins by 2 goals or more.
  • Bet and the upper will win half the money if this team wins by 1 goal.
  • If the upper team loses or draws, betting on the lower team will win money.

Handicap 1.5 – 2; 2.5 – 3

Handicap 1.5 – 2 is also known as handicap 1.75 and is very common in soccer betting.

Choosing this bet means you agree with the following rules:

  • Win enough money when betting on the over and this team wins by 3 goals or more.
  • You win half the money if you bet on the upper team and this team wins by 2 goals. If you choose the lower bet, you lose half the money in this case.
  • If the two teams draw, the under wins or the over wins with a difference of 1 goal, the under bet wins money, the over loses.

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Instructions on how to read standard European football odds

European odds are a very attractive bet for players. If lucky, players can multiply the bet value many times, so reading this football odds is of interest to many people.

Not as complicated as handicapping, reading 1×2 soccer betting odds is much easier.

This betting method has only 3 options: home team win, lose, draw or away team.

That’s why we won’t have to consider or think as much as with Asian handicaps. On the house column board, if you see the 1×2 symbol, understand that it is a bet based on European odds.

With this type of bet, you need to understand their meaning as follows:

  • FT: Prediction for the whole match.
  • 1H: Bet on the first half.
  • 1: Predict the home team will win.
  • 2: Bet on the away team to win.
  • X: You predict that the score will be a draw.

The special thing about this bet is that there is no return of the bet, only win or lose, win or lose money.

That’s why you need to choose the right door, place your money and hope that luck smiles at you.

For example: Match Macara vs Tecnico Universitario, you bet 200k 2 teams will draw. The result was 0 – 0 and you won 200 x 2.51 = 502k.

How to read Over/Under football odds

Making fish? This is what everyone is watching. Especially those who are new to participating in football betting. In today’s information, let’s learn about over/under bets with Hi88 casino and how to read this type of bet.

Over/Under 0 balls

These soccer bets are not uncommon and when we see them, we need to remember the following points:

  • If the total number of goals = 1 or more, the Over bet wins money.
  • If the total number of goals is 0, the under bet will win money, and the over bet will lose money.

However, reading football odds of players is not simple, this betting is like 50/50.

Over/under 1 ball

If you choose this bet, we will stipulate and calculate as follows:

  • Win Over if the total number of goals is 2 or more.
  • You lose all your money if the total number of goals is 0.
  • When the match has a total goal of 1, any bet will receive a refund.

Over/under bet 1.25

This bet has a very simple reward calculation:

  • Over wins money if the total number of goals is greater than 1.
  • The under bet wins money if the total number of goals is 0.
  • If the total number of goals is 1, the over or under loses half the money, and the under loses half the money.

Over/under odds 1.5

This bet is often seen in fierce matches with equal talent, so reading this over/under soccer bet is also extremely simple.

They have the following reward calculation:

  • Win Over if the total number of goals is greater than 1.
  • If the total number of goals is 1, 0, then the over bet loses money, and the under bet wins money.

Over/under bet 1.75

They are also called 1.5 – 2 bets and the specific way to calculate wins and losses is:

  • Over wins money if the total number of goals is greater than 2.
  • Over wins half the money, under loses half the money if the total number of goals is 2.
  • If the total number of goals scored is less than 2, the under wins.

Over/Under bet 2 balls

If you see this type of bet, remember how to calculate points as follows:

  • Over wins money if the total number of goals is greater than 2.
  • If the total number of goals is 2, all bets will be refunded.
  • At the end of the match, if the total number of goals is less than 2, the under bet wins money.

Some other types of bets have few players but high winnings

1. Bet on total goals

This form of betting is very simple and common. With this type of bet, you will predict the exact score of the match, I will share more about the ways soccer betting for you guys.

The house will often offer many different scores and your job is to choose the most potential bet that you think can bring you money.

2. Odd even odds

Odd-even betting is predicting whether the total number of goals in a match is even or odd. This bet is also very easy to win because all bets have a 50/50 probability of winning.

3. Final goal bet

In football, there is a very common and easy to predict bet, especially in matches with a lot of distinction in class, which is the final goal.

We will make predictions about which team will score first or which team will score last and if they win, we will receive a reward from the house.

4. Bet on penalty cards

The total penalty card bet is also a form of football over/under when the house gives a number and you predict the number of yellow and red cards will be greater or less than this level.

In matches where both teams are strong, the number of penalty cards is likely to be large, so you need to pay attention to predict accurately.

Above is the end of the betting article Bookmaker Hi88, hopes to help readers get more information about soccer odds and ways to evaluate or read soccer odds correctly. If you are ready, join now by: Register for Hi88 Let’s bet.

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